30 December 2008

Look at this.

I work in the educational publishing business, which shares many of the same suppliers with the much bigger toy industry. Among the many trade magazines that find their way into my mailbox, each quarter one arrives from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, chock full of feature stories and advertisements from the many design firms and factories in the Pearl River Delta.

It's fun to read through the magazine to see what new characters I can recognize. And I'm always on the lookout for that one advertisement to totally blow the minds of my coworkers. Last quarter it was for a factory that specialized in extremely - disturbingly - accurate reproductions of assault firearms ... placed next to an ad for baby toys. How sweet.

This quarter, well, see for yourself:

Yes, an entire factory devoted to producing nothing but eyeballs. Could you see working for a company like this? At some gut level I realize that *someone* has to make all the eyes for dolls, plushies, robots, what have you, but somehow this seems a bit TOO specialized.

Wonder what kind of vision insurance they offer?