21 May 2009

What are your Chinese food favorites?

We've just posted our 48th article on weninchina.com: "Raves and Regrets".  With this essay, we want to build a long list of Chinese foods and snacks that families traveling for adoption should try during their stay in-country. (Likewise, there's another list of must-miss food experiences.) We're looking for everything from fine cuisine to fast food, as long as it's affordable and readily accessible.

If you've been on the adoption trip, have traveled to mainland China on business, or are a citizen, please send us your food suggestions and personal experiences! 

03 May 2009

Three New Articles at weninchina.com

A new crop of columns is now posted at our main site, weninchina.com. First, read our suggestions about what kinds of food you should bring along on your adoption trip. Next, learn a bit more about some of the exotic tropical fruits that may end up on your plate. Finally, for families waiting for their travel date, a quick introduction to blogging and why you should consider doing it.

Several more articles are in the pipeline for this season, including thoughts about how to relieve the anxiety of giving gifts to government officials, the logistics of car seats, a new climate map with clothing suggestions, and a call for readers to send in their favorite new foods (or those they'd warn other families about.)

The weninchina team will be on the road in Tokyo the first week of July, taking advantage of the cheap airfares and looking for family fun. We'll post from Japan, and gather resource material for a more-in-depth full article on the main site. (Tokyo travel tips, must-see locations, must-try places?  Email us!) 

Finally, a big thank-you to the team at FWCC for kindly including us on their resource list for adopting parents. We appreciate the vote of confidence.