05 October 2015

Main site is offline for now

After Apple discontinued hosting support for its iWeb-authored sites, I moved weninchina.com to the RageSW service, where I was satisfied for the past several years. However, there've been an increasing number of spoof emails appearing to come from my domain in the past two years. The Rage folks didn't seem to think there was anything I could do about it from my end & they never shared any advice / offered help on their end. Well, last week there was another attack, and this time, they told me to get lost.

So.  It was probably time for a site rebuild anyway, and this time I'll leave out all the mail links to my domain.

I'd also like to integrate more of the social-media that I've been active with and rely less on static pages (that always need editorial updating). And yes, try to figure out some e-commerce because I'd like to make this a real business.

For now, I will post more frequently here, and you can find weninchina on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, with an Instagram account getting set up right now.